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Celebrity Parents


Lisa Kudrow
Celebrity Q+A: Lisa Kudrow

A new movie, two TV shows, plus a regular gig on the smash hit Scandal—the adorable ditz from Friends has come a long way, but her 15-year-old, Julian, is not impressed.

Q. Julian must think it's pretty cool his mom is in the new Seth Rogen movie, Neighbors?

A. I think the words "cool" and "mom" are mutually exclusive. Everything I do embarrasses him. If I dance a step or two—even if it's just the two of us in the kitchen—he yells, "Stop! I can't even look at that."

Q. Are you and your husband, Michel, on the same page when it comes to parenting?

A. No, and that's good. Kids should know there are different points of view. I'm fine with Julian watching shows like Family Guy and The Walking Dead. Michel, on the other hand, thinks TV is brain poison.

Q. What advice would Fiona, the shrink you play on Web Therapy, share with you—via webcam, of course—about raising a teen?

A. "Having a child was your choice and your mistake—I mean, decision—so I want no part of it!"

Q. You produce the celebrity roots show Who Do You Think You Are? Was Julian interested in your family tree?

A. Not really. I don't know how much boys care about that kind of stuff. But women are information collectors. It's always us girls who are sitting around the table swapping family stories.

Q. Does being a mom influence what roles you will or won't take?

A. I've always had the rule, "I'm not taking my top off." I don't know if Julian could handle sharing that much of me with the rest of the world.

Originally published in the May 2014 issue of Family Circle magazine.