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Celebrity Parents


Ana Gasteyer
Celebrity Q+A: Ana Gasteyer

This funny lady is serious when it comes to keeping her household running smoothly—just ask children Frances, 11, and Ulysses, 5.

Q. Are you like Sheila Shay, the perfectionist character you play on Suburgatory?

A. Yes. The kids are always busting me for being "so Sheila"—like when I immediately labeled the cords for their new Nintendo DS's so I'd know which charger belongs to who. I'm a label-making fanatic!

Q. We hear you've become quite the Twitter addict.

A. It's my creative outlet because no one in my family wants to hear my boring inner thoughts. Frances is always saying, "TMI, Mom," but that won't stop me.

Q. What's typical for family dinner?

A. "My husband, Charlie, and I are both on Weight Watchers, Frances is a vegetarian and Ulysses can't eat dairy. It's a brainteaser every day figuring out what to cook."

Q. How do you squeeze in alone time with Charlie?

A. At the gym. We take circuit training, boot camp or yoga classes together and pay Frances $5 an hour to babysit her brother. I don't know if that's, like, child endangerment, but it's working out really great!

Q. Any good tips for busy moms?

A. I buy 20 age-appropriate gifts at the start of the year—ten 11-year-old presents, like a four-pack of Judy Blume books, and ten 5-year-old presents, like a bunch of Stomp Rockets. Then I don't have to worry about shopping every time there's a birthday party.

Originally published in the February 2014 issue of Family Circle magazine.