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Organizing Tips: Get Rid of the Clutter


Get rid of clutter


Post simple-to-ship castoffs, like that multispeed juice extractor you never use, online to reach the biggest audience of potential buyers. TIP: In-season clothes and accessories are easiest to sell. Also, don't try to list what's stained or torn -- discard them instead.

Clothes, Household Goods, Electronics
Skip McGrath, Web marketing expert and author of The Complete eBay Marketing System (skipmcgrath.com), suggests eBay for selling everything from popular brand names (Xbox, KitchenAid) to collectibles (silver tea sets, Barbie dolls). The site offers an auction format and fixed-price sales, which may be easier for first-timers who don't want to deal with the bidding process. Cost: McGrath estimates fees to be about 12.5% of your selling price, including PayPal charges. Fashion retail sites like poshmark.com let you download an app to conduct transactions from your tablet or smartphone. Cost: 20% of each sale, but listing and shipping items is fee-free.

Popular for handmade goods, etsy.com is also a destination for retro housewares, jewelry and clothing. Cost: 20 cents to list an item for four months (or until it sells); 3.5% charge on each sale. For large collections, you can open your own storefront on rubylane.com, a vintage-focused marketplace, for $75. Cost: Commission-free but there's a listing fee of 30 cents per piece, a 20-cent monthly maintenance fee per item and a $30 monthly advertising fee.

Old and New
Books, music and movies sell particularly well on amazon.com, McGrath says. The site also takes just about anything relatively new that's still in its original packaging -- electronics, small appliances, sports equipment. Cost: No listing fee; 99 cents per item plus referral fees -- typically 6% to 25% of the sale. Books and media incur additional costs.

Large and Heavy
Internet classifieds like craigslist.org and eBayclassifieds.com attract local shoppers. They're ideal for listing bulky items like air conditioners and bookcases because buyers are responsible for hauling items away. On oodle.com you can tap into your personal connections and local networks via Facebook to market wares. Cost: All for-sale listings are free.