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Smart ways to live healthfully, strategies for eating right, easy fitness plans, energy-boosting ideas and the most up-to-date prevention techniques for common health conditions.
Whether you've been diagnosed with breast cancer or are overdue for a mammogram, here are the questions you need to be asking right now. More
Just like celebrity Weight Watcher Oprah Winfrey, I have decades of yo-yo dieting under my belt. To hear her tell it, the new version of the plan is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Personally, I was curious if it might be the kick in the butt I needed to start losing again. More
There's a lot of info out there—but not all of it's true. With help from experts, we separate sleep fact from fiction. More
Imagine top trainers teaching you how to sculpt a lean body—at zero cost. That's what you'll get by clicking " follow" on a few of our fave fitness Instagrammers. Check out this list of gurus and their must-try moves. More
All you need is a game plan. More
Seven top trainers share their secrets to flatter abs and a slimmer waist. More
Worried about a drop in your libido? If relationship issues aren't the source of your sexual problems, these other desire-stealers might be. More
Forget CrossFit and half marathons—try these 7 things slim women do every day to stay in shape. More
A parent's descent into Alzheimer's can be terrifying. Learn how to spot the signs, manage symptoms and weather the emotional storm. More
We don't want to take your sunshine away—we just want to keep you safe. Practice sun safety by using our experts' sunscreen application dos and don'ts. Plus, a glow-getter's guide for the perfect fake tan. More

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