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Gross Anatomy: Embarrassing Body Issues

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"I burp a lot."

Likely cause: Sucking in too much air when you eat or drink.

What to do: Burping is almost never cause for concern—it's simply your body's way of releasing gas from the stomach or esophagus after you eat. But if you're tired of belching so much, try to take in less air. "Train yourself to drink and eat more slowly," says Dr. Roizen. Put down your fork or food between every bite, and time your meals until you get used to eating for 30 minutes instead of 10. Skip carbonated beverages and gum. When you must have caffeine, opt for coffee. If none of this helps, make an appointment with your doctor. In rare cases frequent burping can indicate a problem in the upper digestive tract, such as an ulcer or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

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