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Best Ways to Prevent Headache and Migraine Pain

The best way to beat a headache or migraine isn't to suffer through it. Learn how to prevent the pain -- and how stop the throbbing if it starts.

Headaches have a way of popping up at all the wrong times—your daughter's dance recital, a crucial meeting at work, the day you're throwing a party for family and friends. As women, we're particularly at risk: About one in five of us will experience the pounding sensation of a migraine, but only half of sufferers will ever receive a diagnosis. If the problem is so common, why are we suffering in silence? "There's a perception that it's normal for women to get headaches," says B. Lee Peterlin, D.O., director of headache research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, who also adds that some of us don't recognize the problem—even when it has become chronic. Other times, we trudge through the pain in an effort to do it all for the family. (You know what happens to your household when you check out. Not pretty.) It's time to take action—because you have more control over the ache than you think.