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Why Haven't You Had a Mammogram?

They're Booked

Fitting a mammogram into your hectic schedule is one hurdle. Getting the imaging center to fit you into its overbooked calendar is another. While one study of 45 mammography centers in Washington, New Hampshire, and Colorado found that wait times for scheduling a routine screening mammogram ranged from one to eight weeks, other research reveals that in New York City some centers have no openings for four to six months. Rhode Island centers report waits of up to 143 days for an appointment.

What you can do

Shopping around for a center with a short wait may not be possible where you live. And it's not necessarily the best strategy—facilities with the longest wait times are typically the ones with the most experienced staff and the best track records for accuracy. Consider booking the same date every year (so you won't forget), such as the day before or after your birthday. Schedule your next appointment after you finish a screening, while you're still at the radiologist's office.