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Cold and Flu

Don't fall victim to the sniffling, sneezing, aches, pains and fevers that come with colds and flu. Follow our expert advice to prevent the common cold and influenza and feel better fast if you do get sick.

Don’t let fevers, body aches, congestion and coughs creep through your front door!

Learn the truth about common flu vaccine myths and better protect yourself.

The sniffling. The sneezing. The aching. You know these symptoms all too well: On average, Americans come down with three colds a year. Up to 20% are unlucky enough to get the flu.

While there may not yet be a cure for the common cold, there are ways to ease symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and a sore throat.

This time of year can be difficult for families, particularly if you're Mom or Dad! Feeling ill while trying to work, parent and tend to your home can be overwhelming.

How long does the common cold last and when should you see a doctor to ensure it's not a sinus infection?