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Superfoods for Your Heart

Surprise Superfood: Oranges
Orange Salad
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James Worrell

This citrus supplies over 4 grams of fiber and 55 mcg of folate (nearly 15% of the recommended daily intake) per fruit.

Folate breaks down homocysteine, an amino acid in your blood that can damage the lining of the arteries and promote blood clots. A Journal of the American Heart Association study found that people who consumed at least 300 mcg of folate daily had a 20% lower risk of stroke and a 13% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who got less than 136 mcg daily.

Hearty Ideas

  • Make a stir-fry with lean ground beef, orange segments, and snow peas; serve with brown rice.
  • Build a colorful salad with spinach, orange slices, avocado, and smoked salmon.
  • Try a sweet take on potato salad: Toss roasted sweet potato with a cut-up orange and olive oil.