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15 Ways to Ditch the Drab

Goodbye, winter doldrums! These 15 fresh strategies will help you kick the blues to the curb.

By Lambeth Hochwald

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Live in the Moment

No matter how much you hate the cold or the gray or the short days, research shows that training yourself to focus on the present can help ward off winter blues. "Being mindful helps keep you grounded in what you're grateful for in your life, which makes you more optimistic and less likely to feel down," says Andrea Bonior, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington, D.C. "It also helps you experience the simple sensory pleasures of the moment—the smell of your hot coffee, the feel of your blanket, the sound of your friend's laugh—all of which can bring small oases of joy that can help chip away at the blues."

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