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How to Be Brave

Get Through the Scariest Times

No matter how tough you are, there'll be times when you just need to make it through the moment. Here's how:

  1. Exhale. Breathing out will immediately signal to your body that it's safe for you to relax. Within 30 seconds, says Neil Fiore, stress hormones subside and you're on your way back to feeling calm and in control again.
  2. Connect with your body. Feel the chair under you, your feet on the floor. "This puts you back to the present where the body must always be," says Fiore. "Anxiety comes when your mind gets stuck in the past or the future."
  3. Tell yourself you're safe. When you start to feel out of control say, "If I miss the exit, I'll just take the next one" or "I've always managed to handle this before. I can this time too."
  4. Evaluate your options. Think of consequences and make a cost/benefit analysis. Is it worth enduring the heart-pounding panic to speak at the town meeting? Keep in mind that you are in control of your decisions and actions.

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