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Prevent and relieve stress and anxiety by making a few small, simple changes to your life. Use our expert advice to get started.

De-stress now and find your joy.

Live in the moment by following this zen advice (for you and your kids) from Gabrielle Bernstein, author of The Universe Has Your Back.

All you need is a game plan.

A sleep meditation will be your new wind-down ritual.

We promise you have the time (and the patience) for these strategies.

Start your day in a good mood.

In our exclusive survey, Family Circle partnered with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative to find out what's keeping moms up at night — and how they can get some much-needed peace of mind.

Find out what experts say about the simple ways you can bring serenity back to your child's life.

If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, start feeling better now by scrolling through these 10 beautiful outdoor images.

You can face your too-much-to-do day without tensing up or listening to every crazy thought your brain churns out. Are you ready to learn how?

What are the best steps you can take to relieve stress? Out your front door and around the block.

Try one of these tricks to help relieve stress.

When you're frazzled, this trick will help you calm down and recharge.

Learn how real moms find peace when family life gets hectic.

Feeling blue? Listen to some songs you love and you'll improve your state of mind. Check out a few of our smile-inducing tunes.

Carving out time for yourself isn't just relaxing; it's good for your health. Here are 10 strategies for making it happen.

Try these experts’ tricks, and you too can keep your cool when stress hits.