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16 Ways Experts Cope with Stress

Even the professionals who dole out advice on how to handle anxiety and worry aren't immune to daily pressures. The difference is, when these "stress-perts" encounter bumps in the road (piles of dirty clothes or an irate boss or kids repeatedly asking what's for dinner) they know how to tackle the problem while staying calm. Try their tricks and you too can keep your cool.

By Erica Lumiere

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Busy couple
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Expert Stressor: Work-Life Balance

"My husband and I are so busy that our relationship takes a backseat to our kids and careers."
—Elizabeth Scott, a wellness coach based in Los Angeles, and the mother of two boys, ages 7 and 10.

Elizabeth's Stress-Solving Action Plan:

Hang out with other couples. When just the two of us go out we often end up talking about the boys and work, which is good, but we forget about having our own fun. Spending time with friends allows my husband and me to see each other in different roles and engage together in a variety of conversations about different, interesting subjects.

Turn off the TV. After the kids are in bed, it's easy to just sit watching television and barely interact. We've recently instituted game nights with Scrabble or Pictionary, which help bring us closer together as a couple.

Find a common interest. We decided to try a new activity together and signed up for a martial arts program. We blow off steam while getting back in shape. Plus, the extra endorphins from the exercise put us in a great mood. Our future plans: rock climbing, scuba diving, tennis, ballroom dancing, cooking courses, wine tasting seminars.

Picture just the two of you. Around our house we display snapshots of us in happy times. We limit the photos of the kids in our bedroom, to remind us that we're not only parents, but two people in a special and committed relationship.

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