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How to Stress Less

Tension Trigger #3

You're obsessed that your son's C+ in geometry will ruin his chances of getting into college.

How to Stress Less: Stop for a reality check.
In all likelihood, you're being driven to distraction by ideas from your own overactive imagination. "Most of what we say to ourselves is negative," says Alice Domar, Ph.D., coauthor of Be Happy Without Being Perfect (Crown). "It's human nature. But you can learn to stop those stressful thoughts." When you're feeling overwhelmed, create a short phrase that describes what you're feeling (for instance, "He'll never get into a good school,") then ask yourself whether this scenario is more of a knee-jerk assumption, or is supported by real evidence. Now invent a more factually accurate statement. For example: "My son may struggle with math, but he excels in other subjects, so his college prospects are still good."

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