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Follow our expert advice to stay healthy and improve your energy and focus.

Track your sleep habits so you can finally feel awake.

One family's struggle to fight stigma, wrestle with guilt and battle for access to the medical care their son desperately needed. 

Start your day in a good mood.

Kids' out-of-control eating: what's behind it, how to talk about it, and when and where to get help. 

See how small changes can add up to healthy rewards—in just two weeks—with our wellness challenge. Use the hashtag #14DayChallenge and you could win a prize for your efforts!

Our guilt-free challenge is for every woman who puts herself last on the list. No more! Follow this life-changing advice for the next 30 days to boost energy, squash stress and improve your health.

Challenge your mind with a word game from Lumosity! The answer key is included below (but no peeking).

Your sleep routines could actually be keeping you up at night. Ditch these rest-robbing moves and wake up a new woman.

Keep yourself sharp with these 10 tips.

Once menopause is on the horizon, declining estrogen levels and changes in vaginal bacteria can make you more, well, sensitive down there.

Sure, you should always be thinking about improving your health. But some times of the week deserve a little more attention than others. Here's why.

You don't have to opt for a prescription to find a pill that helps your mind and body.

Find time in your busy schedule to relax and have some fun.

Family Circle went to its Facebook page in search of readers so sleep-deprived that they agreed to let sleep experts take a peek into their bedrooms to see what's really robbing them of 7 to 9 hours o

You may put up with dirty socks on the floor and even ignore the raised toilet seat, but there is one issue you shouldn't let slip: lowered libido.

These smart, healthy strategies will help increase your energy and put a little more pep in your step.