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Instant Energy Fixes

No time for a nap? Wake up with our fatigue-fighting tricks.
Stop the Cycle

It hits me around 3 every day. My eyes droop, my mind drifts, and tasks that were easily doable in the morning now seem impossible. Until recently my emergency strategy was to eat my way through exhaustion with a cookie or half a chocolate bar, or to caffeinate myself into a state of distracted jitteriness. I'd be alert only until the cookie, candy, or latte was gone. Then I'd be sleepier than ever. And because my day was now spiraling out of control, I'd also get totally overwhelmed and grumpy. I knew that getting out and taking a walk would probably do me good, but I felt obligated to stay and grind through the day's work. This cycle, I decided, had to stop. I needed an energy makeover. So I quizzed a panel of health experts for ideas to energize my life—and yours—starting right now.

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