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Instant Energy Fixes

60-Second Energy Boosts

Rev yourself up with these one-minute exercises:

Energy Shake: Stand with your arms by your sides and shimmy all over. "Think of an Olympic swimmer before an event, clearing nervous tension," says Lee Holden, author of 7 Minutes of Magic: The Ultimate Energy Workout (Avery). Let all your joints go loose.

Quick Massage: Slap your body with an open hand, starting down the outside of your legs and up the inside. Then slap down the inside of each arm and up the outside.

Spinal Stretch: From a standing position lean over and round your back, tucking your tailbone, exhaling, and curling into yourself. Then breathe in, stand, arch your back, and lift your chest to the sky. Exhale and round again before returning to a standing position.

Abdominal Breathing: When you're stressed you tend to take shallow breaths, and your body doesn't get the oxygen it needs. Place your hands on your lower abdomen, breathe in deeply, pushing your hands out.

Simple Anti-Slump Solutions
Make these strategies part of your everyday routine.

Neaten up. A jumbled, disorganized space drags you down. One or more times a day, spend a couple of minutes decluttering the messiest spot.
Call your best friend. She knows how to get you out of that energy-draining bad mood.
Skip sugar and coffee. When their effects wear off—and they will—you feel depleted.
Meditate. Taking a few minutes in a quiet, private space with your eyes closed activates the part of the brain associated with positive emotions. Voila! You're more alert.
Take a catnap. Just 10 minutes can rejuvenate you.

Copyright © 2007. Used with permission from the November 1, 2007, issue of Family Circle magazine.


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