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Doctoring in the Digital Age

Online First Aid
Join for free to get your questions (Twitter-esque, limited to 150 characters) answered by a doctor, usually within a day. If you want to follow up, ask privately through the site ($10). Download the free mobile app to receive daily wellness tips.
Free and up
Sign up for a fee-based plan to order blood work, then head to a nearby LabCorp clinic. Detailed results with explanations and visuals appear on your web-based health dashboard.
Choose from a menu of tests, pay, then await your Digital Lab Order. (Typically this takes less than 15 minutes.) When results are ready to view on the secure site, you are notified by e-mail or text.
From $75
A paperless place to corral your family's medical records. You can also sync certain devices, such as scales, pedometers and glucose monitors, to collect and track wellness data over time.
Free and up
Search for local specialists on your insurance plan, read patient reviews and book appointments with a few keystrokes or taps on the Android or iPhone app.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Family Circle magazine.


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