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A Year of Eating Healthier: One Family's Journey

Meet the Rebucci family, from Chester, New Jersey! Over the course of 12 months, Regina Ragone, Family Circle's food director/registered dietician, will guide the Rebuccis onto the path of better nutrition.

By Regina Ragone

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Kyle Rebucci
Rhea Anna
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Meet Kyle Rebucci

Age: 11

Favorite Foods: Quite the carnivore, Kyle loves chicken—and every other meat. But he's pickier when he sees green. Spinach is his least favorite, and "I've never really had Brussels sprouts but they just sound bad so I don't like them," he says.

Healthiest Habit: A big breakfast. Mom makes a hearty kickoff meal every morning, typically with homemade banana smoothies and pancakes, waffles or scrambled eggs.

Needs Improvement: Kyle always eats the school lunch and picks from pizza, tacos, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hot dogs, Italian subs, chicken patties, french fries and chocolate milk—no veggies. Translation: the meals are big on calories and low on nutrition.

Workout Regimen: As a member of his school's cross-country and lacrosse teams, Kyle has practice at least twice a week.

Long-Term Goal: Like his dad, Kyle is prone to weight gain. Lisa and Marc are hoping he'll drop a few pounds and learn how to be more aware of healthy habits.

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