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How to Care for an Elderly Loved One

You're putting in long days caring for your dad, who lives across town. Not only are you exhausted, but your husband and kids say they never see you. It's time to:

A. Suggest your dad move in to eliminate your drive time.

B. Explain that your dad needs you more right now.

C. Solicit friends for help with household tasks.

D. Have a heart-to-heart with your family about how they can help you reduce your caregiving workload.

"Focus on quality—not quantity—of time when caring for an ailing loved one," suggests Patricia Moon, R.N., director of Family Care Services at Virginia Commonwealth University. "That will help you balance your and your family's needs with those of your dad." If family members, friends and church groups are able to lend a hand, set up a caregiving schedule for them with general chores (grocery shopping, mowing the lawn). That will allow you time for more personal tasks (bathing, help with eating) and some free time of your own.

Answer: C and D

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