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4 Solutions to Teen Sleep Problems

Use these expert tips to help your teen get more sleep and feel more rested.

By Margery D. Rosen

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Sleep Depriving Problem: Your teen's stress levels are off the charts.

Whether it's headaches or stomachaches, overeating or not eating, signs of extreme stress among teens are becoming more and more common. In a recent study, researchers found a strong link between sleeplessness in adolescents and a wide range of physical, psychological and interpersonal problems, including anxiety and depression.

Solution: Dial down the tension.
Two of the best stress busters are being organized and exercising -- but they're often the hardest things for overcommitted teens to implement into their lives. Start off with a day planner to track what's due when, as well as tests, family events and extracurricular obligations. Brainstorm ways to streamline the morning routine (pick out clothes the night before, fill the backpack, place sports equipment by the door). Once he's better organized, he'll have time for exercise, whether it's shooting baskets or going for a bike ride.

Help him figure out how to wind down before bed -- maybe it's taking a warm shower or listening to quiet music. If your child seems unusually stressed and won't confide in you, perhaps a favorite aunt, or coach, school psychologist or clergyman can help.

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