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Multiple Choice: The Vitamin Debate

Q. Do my kids need a multivitamin?

Skip it if your child's a great eater who likes lots of different foods—including dairy products, fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein-rich and fortified foods. But talk to your pediatrician if your child is:

Very picky: Extremely choosy eaters who consume only a few foods may need the added boost from a multi until they expand their food horizons.
Vegetarian or vegan: Animal products like milk and meat pack essential nutrients—such as zinc to support the immune system and calcium to build bones—that these kids may miss out on.
Superbusy: On-the-go tweens and teens often have hectic schedules that make healthy eating difficult. Skipping meals (even just breakfast) or regularly grabbing fast food at lunch can be a detriment to their daily nutrition.

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