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Biggest Exercise Blunders

Using Your Hands, Not Your Feet

Climb on the StairMaster or treadmill and you'll burn calories -- but only if you use the machine the right way. Focus on moving your legs, and leave your arms out of the picture as much as possible.

The Right Way
woman standing upright on stair master
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Squire Fox

  • Hold the bars lightly or just touch them briefly when you need to balance.
  • Face straight ahead, shoulders back and abs tight.
  • On the StairMaster, keep your entire foot flat on the pedal as much as possible.

The Wrong Way
woman leaning on stairmaster siderails
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Squire Fox

  • Leaning on the side rails and supporting your body weight with your hands.
  • Going so fast you have to hold on to keep up.
  • Standing on your toes, which can aggravate your Achilles tendon.

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