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Exercise Q&A: How to Tone Your Butt

Q. Do tush-toning exercises also improve one's upper thigh muscles, or whatever it takes to stand up from a squat while skiing?

A. Even if you are active during the day and participate in a wide variety of cardiovascular exercises, they may not transfer over to your sport—in this case skiing. There is no substitute for strength-building exercises when developing overall leg fitness. You need to incorporate leg presses, squats, dead lifts, step-ups, and lunge variations to build your core and lower body strength. Plus, if you want to be able to get up from a squat position, you must train appropriately. The squat would be your best bet exercise. This is based on the Law of Exercise Specificity, which simply refers to the similarity between a training activity and the actual task for which one is training. So to answer your question, yes, these exercises would all help you in the beginning, but soon you'd need to add resistance to them—in the form of weights—to further increase your leg strength. And focus exclusively on the squat for quickest and best results.


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