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48 Great Hydration Tips

No matter when, where, or how you're exercising, it's important to drink plenty of water during your workouts and all day long. Here, members of our social network share their very best strategies for drinking up and staying hydrated.

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V-8 V Fusion
Jason Donnelly
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Flavor Water with Other Products

"I fill a glass two-thirds or halfway with water and the rest V8 Fusion. You can do this with any fruit juice."

"Liquid Stevia (Sweetleaf) comes in several different flavors. My kids like the root beer and I like the vanilla cream. A little goes a long way and now my children and I are drinking more water."

"I like to make triple-strength Crystal Light into ice cubes. When I put them in my water bottle, I can keep refilling the water, and as the cubes melt, they make enough Crystal Light for 3 bottles instead of one! It's a huge time saver!"

"I find myself drinking a lot of water when I add fresh lemon slices. One of my other favorites is adding a packet of Emergen-C Tangerine (vitamin boost and flavor)! Delicious!"

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