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Get Flatter Abs Fast

This abs workout, designed by Angela Corcoran, a personal trainer at Equinox in New York City and professor of exercise physiology at Queens College in Flushing, New York, will help you build a stronger core by targeting different abdominal muscles, boosting your metabolism, and burning belly fat.

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Modified Side Plank
Peter Lamastro
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Dedicate about 15 minutes, three days a week, to these abs exercises. For each workout, pick one "Waist Whittler" (a side-to-side move that targets the obliques) and one "Belly Blaster" (a front-to-back move that works the "six-pack" muscle).

Waist Whittler 1: Modified Side Plank

Lie on your left side, propped up on your forearm with your elbow directly below your shoulder. Put your right hand on your hip so that your right elbow points toward the ceiling.

With your legs in a straight line and your feet stacked, straighten your left arm and press your hips toward the ceiling. This is your starting position.

Dip your hip and torso toward the floor, keeping your left arm straight, then return to starting position.

Do 10 to 20 reps, then switch sides.

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