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Strength Exercises for Moms on the Move

  • Cameron Sadeghpour

    Power Walk Around the Field

    Using every opportunity to squeeze even short bouts of exercise can add up quickly. Pacing the sidelines is inconspicuous and gives you an efficient cardio workout.

  • iStockphoto

    Climb the Bleachers

    Working from one end of the bleachers to the other, ascend the stairs every 5 to 10 minutes. You'll feel the burn in your glutes, quads and hamstrings.

  • iStockphoto

    Triceps Press

    Move your butt off the edge of your seat, lower your body by bending at the elbows and then press up with your arms. These will really work your triceps and the front of your shoulders.

  • Sarah Kehoe

    Chest Press

    Move to a more unoccupied space of the bleachers, and try an inclined chest press. Facing chest down, place your arms slightly more than shoulder-width apart on the bleacher in front of you. Bend your arms, slowly lower your body then push up. This will work your triceps, shoulders and chest.

  • Jay Sullivan


    Stand with feet hip width apart. Take a step forward onto the step in front of you and lower your body. Push back up and alternate legs.

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