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Healthy Family

Start your family on a get-healthy journey today! Follow our quick and easy healthy recipes, expert family fitness tips, and diet, exercise and weight-loss advice. Plus, read inspiring stories and hear from real families who got healthy and changed their lives.

Sometimes the role of caregiver is one we plan to take on. Other times, it's unexpectedly thrust upon us when a family member falls ill or can no longer care for herself.

By Michele Bender Studies have shown that sleep helps you lose weight, improves your energy and even decreases your risk of heart disease. Follow these six steps for better shut-eye this year. 1.

                              It doesn’t feel like winter until the temperature dips below freezing and I whip up a bi

Recipes get passed down through the generations and so do healthy eating habits.

Written by Vanessa Van Petten  You might be surprised what keeps your teen up at night.

Written by Catherine Holecko  Once a month, my daughter’s middle school has a half-day dismissal for teacher development.

Written by  Catherine Holecko Ever notice that when your kids grow out of needing help with one task, a new one sprouts in its place? You trade bedtime stories for math homework.

The other day, a mom friend told me about something unnerving she saw at a teen pool party last summer.

Hair loss expert Jeffrey Paul tells women how to manage thinning hair.

Editor-in-Chief Linda Fears joins Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show to discuss how to talk to your kids about their weight. Linda's top recommendation? Eating together as a family.