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Secret Ingredients for a Healthy Spring

It's time to shed winter like an old snakeskin--and good riddance. It's on to glowing skin, good-for-you treats, and serene moments, thanks to these simple, secret ingredients of a happy, healthy spring.

By Dorothy Foltz-Gray

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family walking along beach
Jason Lindsey
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Secret Energy-Booster

"Every spring my family and I drive to the beach for an afternoon of R&R," says Terra Wellington, an actress and thirty-something mother of three in Los Angeles. "Just getting some fresh air is rejuvenating. We love it."

Researchers agree with Wellington that getting outside can be a secret energy-boosting ingredient. In fact, in a 2010 study, University of Rochester researchers found that spending 20 minutes a day outside (walking along a river versus walking along an indoor hallway, for example) energized participants.

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