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Walking Playlists

Keep up the pace -- and stay motivated -- with our walking playlists.

These classic tunes will give you a good workout as you (power)walk down Memory Lane.

Whether you're a beginner looking to ease into exercise or a power walking pro, use these energizing mixes to get you going.

Use hits from today's biggest stars to pump up your workout.

Rev up your walks with our millennial music playlists. We chose upbeat songs from each year to keep you motivated and moving, plus slower songs to warm you up and cool you down.

We created 10 playlists from the '90s biggest hits to get you going during your walks.

Give your walking routine a "tune-up" and you'll slim down faster and have more fun.

We created 10 playlists of different lengths and tempos to get you moving and make your walks more fun.

Rev up your walk — and "turn back time" — with these awesome hits from the '80s.

Pump up your walks with these guaranteed-to-get-you-moving hits.

Amp up your walk with this rockin' playlist.

Walk to these songs (a 30-minute plan) 5 days a week and you'll be 15 pounds lighter come April.

Get moving with our high-intensity mix.