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Walking Tips

Use our expert walking tips to get motivated, get moving and get in shape.

Turn up the fun factor and friendly competition by exercising with a pal.

Here's how to have your fittest year yet.

These workout companions are like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

In this guest blog post, AMBER WILLIAMS, a 44-year-old mom of two teens, reveals how having a personal mission tied to a greater good helped her transform her body.

In our September “Dr.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced walker, watch these videos to learn great tips and workouts.

It may seem like the best equipment to walk off the weight is a comfy pair of sneaks.

Learn how to give yourself a simple foot rub with a tennis ball.

Use these simple strategies to up your calorie burn, drop the pounds, and boost the effectiveness of your walks.

Get inspired by these real women walkers (including two former Walking Challenge participants!) who took strides toward better health.

Don't allow cold weather to put a freeze on your walking plans. Head outside and you'll actually burn more calories than usual since your body has to work harder to stay warm.

These moves for more seasoned stretchers, from Walk at Home fitness trainer Leslie Sansone, were designed to warm you up before your walk or cool it down afterwards.

Crank up your workout with these moves designed by Leslie Sansone, group exercise leader and Walk at Home fitness trainer.

Walking is the most natural exercise, but a little extra know-how can pump up your workout.

Maybe your regular walking routine has become a snooze. Or you haven't budged off the couch because you don't actually believe a stroll will really make a difference.

These moves, for people with some stretching experience, were designed by Walk at Home fitness trainer Leslie Sansone to get your body ready for walking or cool it down afterwards.

These moves, from Walk at Home fitness trainer Leslie Sansone, were designed to prep your body before your walk or cool it down afterwards.