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6 Simple Ways to Pump Up Your Walks

Maybe your regular walking routine has become a snooze. Or you haven't budged off the couch because you don't believe a stroll will really make a difference. Well, in fact, just a few creative changes can liven up your walking program and give you a reason to get moving. Go ahead and try our plan. There's nothing to lose except some pounds.

By Kathy Smith

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Build your base.

Start by focusing on distance and good form—you're not trying to win a race. If you're new to walking, gradually build up to 30 minutes. Both novices and regular walkers (who make 45 minutes their goal) need to think about posture: shoulders back, elbows in, chin up. And no arching the lower back or sticking out your butt. This solid foundation will help you avoid injury while making it easy to add in additional challenges, like the ones following.

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