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6 Simple Ways to Pump Up Your Walks

Maybe your regular walking routine has become a snooze. Or you haven't budged off the couch because you don't believe a stroll will really make a difference. Well, in fact, just a few creative changes can liven up your walking program and give you a reason to get moving. Go ahead and try our plan. There's nothing to lose except some pounds.

By Kathy Smith

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Karen Pearson
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Monitor your progress.

While you're walking, think about how hard you're pushing yourself. On an exertion scale from 0 to 10 (with 0 being "easy" and 10 being "very, very difficult") you want to go beyond the 3 or 4 most people settle on. Crank it up to a 6 or 7 to get fat-burning engines revved and running. How do you know you're there? Do the talk test. You should be walking swiftly enough so that you can talk a little but find it difficult to carry on a conversation. If you're walking alone, it should be a struggle to sing along with your iPod for more than a few verses.

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