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6 Simple Ways to Pump Up Your Walks

Maybe your regular walking routine has become a snooze. Or you haven't budged off the couch because you don't believe a stroll will really make a difference. Well, in fact, just a few creative changes can liven up your walking program and give you a reason to get moving. Go ahead and try our plan. There's nothing to lose except some pounds.

By Kathy Smith

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Bicep curl
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Muscle up.

Twice a week skip walking and zero in on upper-body strength—you'll increase your metabolism even while at rest. Plus, strong arms, shoulders, back, and chest propel you forward, meaning you'll walk faster and burn more calories. Use light weights or resistance tubes to work your entire upper body with 4 easy moves (3 sets, 15 reps each): biceps curls, triceps extensions, overhead presses, and one-armed rows. Click on the link below for how-tos.

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