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Walk It Off: Tone Your Trouble Spots

Pick Up the Pace 11:01-15:00

Quick steps: Return to your walk, moving briskly.


Tighten your tush:

  • Walking lunges: Slow down your walking speed and take a big step with your right leg. Lower your body down until your right knee is at a 90-degree angle. Pull shoulders back and tighten abs. Push off with your left leg and keep moving forward as you then lunge into the left leg. Repeat 20 to 30 times.

Calf raises
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Sarah Kehoe

  • Calf raises: Find a curb or stable step. Stand so the backs of your feet are hanging off the edge of the step. Slowly drop heels down below the level of the step. Then, just as slowly, push all the way up onto your toes. Hold on to a railing or the back of a chair for balance, if necessary. Do 20 to 30 reps.

If these calf raises start to feel too easy, try doing them while balancing on just one foot.


Push it: You can hear your breath as you walk.


Cool-down: Slowly bring your breathing back to normal.


Flatten that belly -- you can do these on a rug in your home:

  • Scissor kicks: Lie on your back with your hands under your hips and buttocks. Keep your head on the floor. Raise your legs straight up in the air so your toes are pointed to the ceiling. Contract your abs and scissor your legs one over the other as you lower your legs down toward the floor. Keep your lower back on or at least close to the ground. Scissor down for a count of 8 and then back up for a count of 8. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
  • Plank: Lie face-down resting on your forearms. Push up onto your toes -- your body should be in a straight line from your head to your ankles. Contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds. Lower and repeat 3 to 5 times.


Originally published in the April 1, 2009, issue of Family Circle magazine.

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