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Walk Off the Weight: Part 3 -- Your Best Body Ever

Your Workout This Month Goal: Endurance

Blast calories with longer walks.

Steps to Success

For most busy moms, squeezing in long walks is tough. Just plan ahead to make them happen: Schedule them into your weekend, when you're not so time-crunched, or break them up. A quick 30-minute morning walk before your kids wake up plus a 60-minute jaunt after lunch equals an hour-and-a-half workout that'll fit into even the craziest of days.

The Plan

"Long walks torch calories because you tap into stored energy -- in other words, fat," says Mark Fenton, author of Pedometer Walking (Lyons Press). Lose about a pound a week with these tips.

  1. Enjoy the great outdoors. On the weekends, pile the kids in the car and head to a nearby park for a long hike. Find beautiful trails near you at (click on "Trail Finder") or
  2. Be an urban explorer. Grab a map and wander a city neighborhood with amazing architecture. Just make sure to keep your heart rate up as you enjoy the view.
  3. Be creative when you're short on time. If you can't find a new walk, just vary your usual route -- reverse directions, try a new turn, do anything to make it more interesting.

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