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Walk Off the Weight: Part 1

Follow our three-month walking weight-loss guide to get in shape and look your best.
Your Workout This Month Goal: Frequency

Develop a daily walking habit.

Steps to Success

Start small and focus simply on getting out the door. To guarantee results, keep an exercise log. Every day, write down how many minutes you walked, how walking made you feel, and what route you took.

The Plan
woman walking
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Deborah Jaffe

  1. You'll ease into exercise, gradually ramping up how much walking you do. At the start, walk only a small amount each day. As you get stronger, tack on more minutes each week.
  2. You'll alternate between longer and shorter walks. If the suggested walking times don't follow the ebbs and flows of your busy life, swap around days, doing the longer walks on less-hectic days and the shorter walks when you're pressed for time.
  3. You'll lose about half a pound a week this first month. As you get into the second month, you'll start losing more. "Most people quit weight-loss plans because they don't see fast-enough results," Fenton says. "But remember, slower weight loss leads to greater long-term success."

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