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Walk Off the Weight: Part 2

Your Workout This Month Goal: Intensity

Pick up the pace and tackle hills.

Steps to Success

Don't be afraid to push yourself -- you can do it! The best way to increase your metabolism is to complete at least two challenging walks per week.

If you need an extra boost, find a fitness buddy to join you on the tougher days -- sweating with a friend can do wonders for waning motivation.

The Plan

"Faster walks and varied terrain firm your muscles, boost your fitness level, and burn more calories in less time," says Mark Fenton, author of Pedometer Walking (Lyons Press). Follow these tips for revving up your walks, and you can expect to lose about a pound each week:

  1. Practice perfect posture. Keep your chin level and your eyes on the horizon. Don't slouch, lean forward at the waist, or let your back sway.
  2. Take quicker -- not longer -- steps. Your stride will lengthen naturally, so just focus on speeding up your feet.
  3. Use your arms. Hold your elbows at a right angle, then trace an arc with your thumb from your waistband to about chest height in front of you.
  4. Push off your toes. As you move swiftly forward, imagine you're showing someone behind you the bottom of your shoe with every step.

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