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Your Biggest Walking Questions, Answered

Walking is the most natural exercise, but a little extra know-how can pump up your workout. We've got answers to common questions that may be on your mind, plus tips for getting more out of your walks.

By Cynthia Atoji

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woman walking
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Q. Do you burn more calories if you walk in the morning or evening?

A. You'll get the same results no matter when you walk. But experts say that a.m. exercisers are more apt to stick with their routines. "Morning walkers are usually on the road before all the busyness of life occurs—phone calls, meetings, family obligations," says Mark Fenton, author of The Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness (Lyons Press). However, if you can't get out the door first thing in the morning, the key is to make walking part of your daily routine, whenever it fits in. "As long as you can maintain a consistent habit of walking, any time is a good time to walk," says Fenton.

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