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Weight Loss

Are you ready to lose weight? This is your source for the best diet plans and diet tips.

Eat this, lose weight.

Just like celebrity Weight Watcher Oprah Winfrey, I have decades of yo-yo dieting under my belt. To hear her tell it, the new version of the plan is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Forget CrossFit and half marathons—try these 7 things slim women do every day to stay in shape.

Whether you like to bike, swim or run, turbocharge your routine with our workout plan and get in your best shape ever for summer.

Consume your calories at the right time of day to feel better and lose weight.

Turns out certain "good-for-you" tips and supposedly healthy habits could be the reason you're not losing weight.

Is protein really the MVP of nutrients? We get to the meat of the matter.

When you want to get in shape, the buddy system is one secret to weight loss success.

It's about more than just calories in, calories out. Lose weight for good with these simple tips.

Include one of these easy calorie swaps for every meal of the day and you'll be on your way to weight loss in the easiest way possible.

Indulge without the bulge with these easy holiday diet tips.

The power of mini meals.

 Adopt these expert-approved strategies for slimming down.

To fine-tune your numbers and get a list of protein-rich options, use this handy guide.

Besides returning to the big screen in 2015 for Accidental Love (out February 10), actress Kirstie Alley has also resumed her role as the face of Jenny Craig.

Find out if juice cleanses really are liquid gold.

Family Circle staffers tested seven juice cleanses to find out if they're really liquid gold.

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