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6 Ways to Control Your Cravings

Whether you're trying to diet, lose weight, or stay in shape, use these smart strategies to watch what you eat and avoid food temptations.

By Jessica Girdwain

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Stress can cause women to feel depressed and crave comfort food.
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You're feeling down -- and want a snack to perk you up.

Fight back: Stop and identify your emotions. Are you stressed? Did a fight with your husband put you on edge? Acknowledging your feelings can help you pinpoint the "why" behind a craving -- and address the real issue head on instead of running to the fridge.

Why it works: A study from the University of Kentucky found that people who were the most in touch with their feelings were more likely to pick healthier options when ordering from a restaurant menu -- regardless of how much they knew about nutrition.

"Being in tune with your mood lets you determine a more effective way to cope, so you don't end up reaching for that snack," says Dr. Kessler.

Bonus tip: Keep a food diary and make notes about your state of mind in the margins. This simple trick allows you to track your psychological connections to overeating. You can then brainstorm other ways to handle potential triggers.

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