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The Biggest Loser: What It's Really Like


Day two passes in much the same fashion as the first, but the afternoon brings a little Tuesday tradition called Trainer's Outdoor Circuit—TOC for short—where you walk or jog (your choice) around the huge hilly property, encountering trainers stationed throughout who have you do squats, lunges, planks and push-ups. I should be miserable, but exercise endorphins are working their magic and I'm energized. After dinner, a few women gather around a piano in the main lodge. Most people seem less tense, like they no longer think they might, say, fly off the back of a treadmill and fall on their face. As new besties belt out "It's Too Late" by Carole King, I head to the hot tub, my just-adopted nightly ritual.

The atmosphere of extreme positivity has taken over my mind. Fear? Gone. Doubt? Ditto. I'm in Bring It mode. I update on Facebook: "Greetings, friends! I am very much alive and kicking at Biggest Loser Niagara, aka Exercisepalooza. Am tired, but feeling excellent. I know this was a tremendous opportunity and I'm determined to make the most of it. Can't believe I'm halfway done! Thanks so much for all your shout-outs. Xoxo." Likes and "you go girl"–type comments stack up immediately, and my call home goes well. I hit the hay happy.

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