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The Biggest Loser: What It's Really Like


Getting dressed—and to my relief, no longer reflexively reaching for a diet soda that isn't there—I reflect on the peacefulness. Normally, my a.m. routine consists of taking a by-any-means-necessary approach to getting myself and both kids up, dressed, fed and out the door. Not barking orders, repacking bookbags and refereeing random sibling arguments has me so mellow, I feel unrecognizable. And then there's the utter lack of multitasking. In my normal day-to-day, I do 10 things at once, sometimes more. Here the focus is totally singular. One task at a time. One person to take care of—me. Initially it was unsettling. But once I get past the fish-out-of-water aspect, I realize I could get used to this. Big-time.

Meanwhile, after dinner, a smallish group ventures on a BL-sanctioned outing to Target for a change of scene. After, rumors spread like wildfire that at least a couple of people hit up Starbucks for lattes and other no-nos. Some road trippers insist this is simply not the case. In fact, the truth is never made clear. Regardless, it's hilarious that we discuss this obsessively.

I can't believe it! On the one hand, I'm giddy at the thought of having made it this far. On the other, to my utter shock, I'm also a little sad. There's not much left to the week. Our trainers (truly an amazing bunch!) point out that we have exercised more in five days than most people do in a month. I logged four classes before noon, including back-to-back cardio interval sessions. During the second one, Trainer Bill was messing with me, upping the settings on my cardio machine and swapping my chosen weights for heavier ones, all with a smile. It's the kind of attention I feared on Monday, but today I love it. After lunch, we hike at a local state park with stunning waterfalls. I'm tired yet feel lighter on my feet than I have in years. Tomorrow is the Last Chance Workout. The trainers are mum on details. I'm interested but not stressed. I know that I can take whatever they throw my way. I'm much tougher than I gave myself credit for six days ago.

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