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10 Fat-Fighting Secrets

Shedding excess pounds is easier when you know the right weight-loss tips. A few simple changes are all you need to fat-proof your body without dieting and stay healthy over the long term.

By Dayna Winter, RD

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mom and daughter making a healthy dinner
Laura Moss
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Dine in more often.

The rise in obesity parallels a rise in the number of restaurants, the percentage of meals eaten out, and the amount of money spent on food away from home. Eating at a fast-food restaurant may be easy to do, but ultimately it's hard on your body. If you're eating out every day of the week, try cutting back. When you do eat out, choose grilled food. Skip the high-fat, high-cal fixings such as cheese and sour cream and opt for soup or salad instead of French fries. When you can, eat at home, where you have more control over what's on your plate.

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