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10 Fat-Fighting Secrets

Shedding excess pounds is easier when you know the right weight-loss tips. A few simple changes are all you need to fat-proof your body without dieting and stay healthy over the long term.

By Dayna Winter, RD

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basket of fruit and vegetables
Alexandra Rowley
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Load up on the good stuff.

Most of us are not eating enough fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A diet devoid of these foods is one of the reasons for the rise in obesity, according to Paula Quatromoni, DSc, RD, assistant professor in the departments of epidemiology and social and behavioral sciences at Boston University's School of Public Health. In a recent study, she compared women with different eating styles to see if it had an effect on their weight. Turns out those who ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains were less likely to gain weight over the years. Those who consumed too many unhealthy snacks, fatty foods, and sweetened drinks were more likely to gain.

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