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How to Knit and Crochet Christmas Stockings

Striped Stocking
Striped stocking
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Bryan McKay

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn, 3-oz. skeins: 1 skein each of Forest Green Heather (G), White Frost (W) and Cranberry (R). Pair of size 6 knitting needles, or any size to obtain stitch gauge below. Tapestry needle. Size G crochet hook. Adhesive white felt letters (F, I, 2L, M, E).

Gauge: In st st, 5 sts = 1"; 6 rows = 1"


1. Toe and instep: Starting at toe with R, cast on 6 sts. Row 1 (right side): k 6. Row 2: p across. Row 3: k 1, insert needle under bar before next st and k one st – one st inc made; (k 2, inc one st as before) twice; k last st – 9 sts. Row 4 and all even-numbered Rows: P across. Row 5: (k 2, inc one st as before) 4 times; k 1 – 13 sts. Row 7: k 1, (inc one st as before, k 3) 4 times – 17 sts. Row 9: (k 4, inc one st) 4 times; k 1 – 21 sts. Row 11: k across. Row 12: p across. Rows 13-28: Rpt Rows 11 and 12 alternately 8 times. Cut R, leaving a 3" length; attach W. Slip Stitch Pattern. Row 29: With W, k across row. Row 30: p across. Row 31: Attach G, drop W (do not cut W). With G, k across. Row 32: p across. Row 33: Pick up W and twist around G once, drop G; with W * holding yarn in back, sl 1 as if to p, k 2; rpt from *across. Row 34: With W, k across. Note: When changing color, always twist color not in use around other strand once. Row 35: Change color to G, drop W, with G * k 2, sl 1 as before; rpt from * across to last 3 sts, k 3. Row 36: With G, p across. Cut G (do not cut W). Rows 37-44: Using R instead of G, work same as for last 8 rows (Rows 29-36). Cut R. Last 16 rows (Rows 29-44) form pat.

Leg: Pick up W and on same needle (with sts), cast on 60 sts – 81 sts. Rows 45-52: Working across all sts, with G and W, rpt Rows 29-36. Rows 53-60: Using R instead of G, rpt same 8 rows of pat. Measure about 25 yards of R and wind into a separate small ball (call this ball 2nd R strand).

Heel Shaping: Row 69: With W, k 66; drop W to wrong side of work, attach 2nd R strand and with this R strand k rem 15 sts. When changing color, continue to twist strand not in use around the other once to prevent making holes in work. Row 70: With 2nd R strand p 16, change to W dropped below and with W p rem sts. Attach first R strand. Row 71: With R, k 64; drop R, pick up 2nd R strand and k rem 17 sts. Row 72: With 2nd R strand p 18, drop 2nd R strand, pick up first R strand dropped below and p rem sts. Row 73: With W, (sl 1, k 2) 20 times; sl 1, k 1, drop W, pick up 2nd R strand and k 19. Row 74: With 2nd strand p 20, with W k rem sts. Row 75: With first R (k 2, sl 1) 20 times, drop R, pick up 2nd R strand and k 21. Row 76: With 2nd R strand p 21, with first R strand dropped below p rem 60 sts. Cut first R strand. Rows 77-100: Working the 21 sts of heel with 2nd R strand even in st st (k 1 row, p 1 row), work remaining 60 sts in pat (starting with Row 29) for 24 rows. Rows 101-104: With R, work 4 more rows of pat over 60 sts, keeping heel sts even. Row 105: With W (sl 1, k 2) 20 times; k 1, with 2nd R strand k 20. Row 106: With 2nd R, p 19. With W, k across. Row 106: With 2nd R, p 19. With W, k across. Row 107: With first R (k 2, sl 1) 21 times; with 2nd R k 18. Row 108: With 2nd R p 17, with first R p 64. Cut first R. Row 109: With W k 65, with 2nd R k 16. Row 110: With 2nd R p 15, with W p 66. This completes heel; cut 2nd R strand. Working in pat across all sts, rpt Rows 31-44; then rpt Rows 29-36 once more. Cut G. Next Row: With W k across. Next Row: p 21, bind off rem sts for front edge of leg – leg completed.

Instep and Toe: Rows 1-16: With R, rpt Rows 31-36; then with G, rpt Rows 29-36; with W rpt Rows 29 and 30. Cut W; attach R. Rows 17-26: With R only, work in st st (k 1 row, p 1 row). Row 27: (k 3, k 2 tog) 4 times; k 1 – 4 decs made. Row 28: p across. Row 29: Continuing in st st, dec 4 sts evenly spaced across. Rpt last 2 rows (Rows 28 and 29) 1 more time – 9 sts. Next Row: (k 2 tog) 4 times; k 1. Bind off.

2. Make Cuff: With R, cast on 66 sts. Work in st st (k one row, p one row) until piece measures 7". Bind off. Block. Fold cuff in half lengthwise, with right sides facing and raw edges even. Sew seam to form ring. Fold ring in half with right sides out and edges even. Pin inside upper edge of stocking with edges even. Sew close to edge. Turn cuff to right side.

3. To make hanging loop, with R, ch 25. Row 1: Make a dc in 3rd ch from hook; make a dc in each ch across. Fasten off.

4. Fold loop in half crosswise; stitch ends inside upper back edge of stocking.

5. Peel backing off letters and apply to cuff.

6. To make pompom, using 1 strand each of R and W, wrap around 2" piece of cardboard to make as fluffy as desired. Cut a 20" strand each of R, W and G; slip wrapped yarn off cardboard and tie tightly around center. Braid long strands together; knot ends. Cut loops open. Stitch end of braid inside stocking, next to hanging loop.