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Homemade for the Holidays: Easy Felt Crafts

Cue the elves. It's time to set the scene with fanciful Christmas stockings, ornaments, and more.

Crafts by Suzonne Stirling; Text by Kate Doherty

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3D Ornament
David Prince
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3-D Ornaments

Here's how: To create the ornament's spine, roll a thin piece of card stock (like a magazine subscription card) into a tight cylinder the same length as your ornament and glue edges together. Cover with a layer of felt and glue in place. Using an iron on medium heat, adhere freezer paper waxy-side down to a piece of felt. Trace 3-D ornament template onto felt and cut out 12 shapes, six of each color. Peel off paper. Add quick-setting gel glue to the straight edge of each ornament piece and attach to the felt covered cylinder, alternating colors, until completely covered. Once dry, thread a loop of ornament string through a bead and glue it inside the cylinder.

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