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Holiday Pinecone Decorations

Invite nature indoors for the holidays with our easy-to-make ornaments and tabletop accessories.

Photos by Susan Gentry McWhinney

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Pine cone napkin rings
Susan Gentry McWhinney
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All Wrapped Up

It's the little things that count—like napkins tied with ribbons and topped with pinecones.

Here's how: Roll each napkin. Cut 7 inches of 1-1/2-inch-wide satin ribbon, adding a little extra so the ends overlap when wrapped around the napkin. Secure with double-side tape. Repeat with 1/2-inch-wide velvet ribbon. Wrap a length of 1/8-inch-wide metallic ribbon around the bottom row of scales of a tiny pinecone, slip the ribbon under the velvet ribbon, and tie in place. Snip ends on the diagonal to finish.

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