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Wreath How-Tos

We show you how to turn everyday materials into fabulous holiday wreaths.

Photos by Alison Gootee, James Westman, Rita Maas

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flocked branch wreath
Alison Gootee
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Flocked Branches

What you need: 16-inch-diameter evergreen wreath; birch branches; floral picks; artificial snow spray; two 1-yard lengths of 4-inch wired acetate ribbon; floral wire.

Here's how: Group branches in small bundles and wire to floral picks. Spray branches evenly with snow spray and let dry. Stick bundles into the wreath following the direction of the evergreen sprigs. For the bow, layer ribbons on top of one another and attach each one to the left side with floral wire. Bend ribbons to desired shape and wire to wreath at the opposite end.

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