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Wreath How-Tos

  • Alison Gootee

    Flocked Branches

    What you need: 16-inch-diameter evergreen wreath; birch branches; floral picks; artificial snow spray; two 1-yard lengths of 4-inch wired acetate ribbon; floral wire.

    Here's how: Group branches in small bundles and wire to floral picks. Spray branches evenly with snow spray and let dry. Stick bundles into the wreath following the direction of the evergreen sprigs. For the bow, layer ribbons on top of one another and attach each one to the left side with floral wire. Bend ribbons to desired shape and wire to wreath at the opposite end.

  • James Westman

    Polka-Dot Wreath

    What you need: Round foam wreath form; circle-shaped paper punches in different sizes (ours range from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches); patterned card stock; adhesive for paper and foam (such as Perfect Glue 1); solid paper for bow; decorative paper edger; ruler; scissors.

    Here's how: Punch circles of varying sizes from patterned card stock. Glue circles to front of wreath, overlapping edges as shown. Cut 2 long strips of paper 1 1/2 inches wide; trim with decorative paper edgers. Gently loop one end of strip to center; secure with dab of glue; repeat with other strip. Lay one over the other so loops look like a bow. Cover the middle with a smaller loop of paper; glue on underside. Glue onto bottom center of wreath.

  • Rita Maas

    All Buttoned Up

    What you need: 12-inch-diameter round-edge, round-back foam wreath form; brown ribbon; button fabric-covering kits; fabric; floral pins; hot-glue gun.

    Here's how: Wind ribbon around foam to completely cover, hot-gluing at beginning and end of ribbon. Follow kit directions to cover each of the buttons with fabric. Slip a floral pin through the shank on the underside of each button; dab with hot glue to keep the pin stable. Cover the wreath with buttons, pushing some in closer to the form and leaving others sticking out to create more dimension.

  • Rita Maas

    Beaded Beauty

    What you need: 15-inch-diameter round-edge, flat-back foam wreath form; about 520 5/8-inch-diameter acrylic beads in yellow, brown, and green; white ribbon; hot-glue gun; brown ribbon.

    Here's how: Wind the white ribbon around the foam to cover completely, securing with hot glue at beginning and end of ribbon. Starting with the outside layer, glue on beads one at a time with the glue gun. Continue gluing layers until wreath is complete. Tie a brown ribbon bow around the top of the wreath. Then slip another length of ribbon through the first just above the bow, pulling both sides up and knotting at the top to form a loop for hanging.