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Wreath How-Tos

We show you how to turn everyday materials into fabulous holiday wreaths.

Photos by Alison Gootee, James Westman, Rita Maas

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button wreath
Rita Maas
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All Buttoned Up

What you need: 12-inch-diameter round-edge, round-back foam wreath form; brown ribbon; button fabric-covering kits; fabric; floral pins; hot-glue gun.

Here's how: Wind ribbon around foam to completely cover, hot-gluing at beginning and end of ribbon. Follow kit directions to cover each of the buttons with fabric. Slip a floral pin through the shank on the underside of each button; dab with hot glue to keep the pin stable. Cover the wreath with buttons, pushing some in closer to the form and leaving others sticking out to create more dimension.

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