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Wreath How-Tos

We show you how to turn everyday materials into fabulous holiday wreaths.

Photos by Alison Gootee, James Westman, Rita Maas

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holiday wreath with beads
Rita Maas
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Beaded Beauty

What you need: 15-inch-diameter round-edge, flat-back foam wreath form; about 520 5/8-inch-diameter acrylic beads in yellow, brown, and green; white ribbon; hot-glue gun; brown ribbon.

Here's how: Wind the white ribbon around the foam to cover completely, securing with hot glue at beginning and end of ribbon. Starting with the outside layer, glue on beads one at a time with the glue gun. Continue gluing layers until wreath is complete. Tie a brown ribbon bow around the top of the wreath. Then slip another length of ribbon through the first just above the bow, pulling both sides up and knotting at the top to form a loop for hanging.

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